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Lisa Otey's 'Hot Love' | (r)

Lisa Otey's 'Hot Love' ®

Published: 07.17.2006

Lisa Otey's 'Hot Love'

Audience participation big part of passion show
Tucson Citizen
Strawberries and cream with a hint of sweet seduction were just the pre-show over the weekend at Tucson singer Lisa Otey's cabaret show, "Hot Love."
Seven performers sang love songs while serenading, caressing and flirting with audience members.
Tucsonan Robert Weidensaul sat two rows back in the intimate table- and-chairs setting and was picked on several times by cast members.
They hugged him, rubbed his face or played with his hair during Sunday's show, attended by more than 70 people.
"I like interacting," he said with a smile afterward. "It was very enjoyable."
Regina Wills' solo, "The First Time I Saw Your Face," captured his heart, he said.
"This cast took an ordinary Sunday summer afternoon and turned it into something special," said Tucsonan Barbara Russek. "This was so sparkly."
Russek attended the show with three friends from Sierra Vista.
Her friends took part in the pre-show when cast members Jaime Walker and Zach Sparrow walked from table to table, feeding strawberries and whipped cream to willing parties.
"This is outstanding," said Lissa Staples before the show.
She said that she and her tablemates engaged in a candy fight with the free M&Ms that were on every table.
The table decorations also included Hershey's Kisses and rose petals.
"We wanted to make sure all their senses were filled," cast member Diane Van Deurzen said. "It's intimate and close, so they felt passion and love before the show even started."
The show included songs and poems, all encompassing the theme of love and passion.
Among the numbers: "It's Too Hot for Words," "Makin' Whoopee" and "Fever."
During the song "Hungry," audience members were again fed strawberries and cream by Todd Luethjohann, who was singing at the time.
Three more performances will be held next weekend.
Some of the poems were written by Van Deurzen and Wills.
"I wanted it to be love in all its diversity," Otey said. "I wanted everyone to feel all warm and cuddly and fuzzy."
Gary Syers and Patricia Thorson, who were celebrating her birthday, called the cabaret experience "a warm, loving place."
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The photo has me singing "Jenny Craig"

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